History Overview

The Bolles Family Association was started in 1977. It is a result of the outstanding efforts of many individuals too numerous to mention. However, two people stand out as key founders. We begin with our Genealogist, George E. Williams. He wrote the definitive book on the Bolles genealogy. This was a massive undertaking requiring many years of effort and involving the writing of hundreds of letters before the age of computerized word processors! His Great Aunt, Anna Bolles Williams, had performed considerable work in genealogy and had instilled that interest in George. He was a founder of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists. He published "A GENEALOGY of the Descendants of JOSEPH BOLLES of Wells, Maine Vol. 1" in 1970. A Volume 2 was published in 1989 providing corrections, updates and additional information on the Bolles Family. George passed away 10 Feb 1998 at the age of 97.

JAMES EDWARD BOLLES (#2853), of Norwalk, CT is a founder of our Bolles Family Association. Jim passed away 27 Jan 2014 at the age of 87. With his wife Norma they have hosted four national Bolles Family reunions, three Bolles Family tours to England, and as a team they contributed greatly to the success of our National Bolles reunions, where Jim's genealogical show, "What's His Name" was always a feature event.





Letter from Jim Bolles


It all began during WWII. While being stationed at the U.S. Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut during Sub School days, I happened to wander into "Ye Ancient Burial Grounds" while on liberty from the base. At the time I had no knowledge of my ancestral connections, so you can imagine my surprise at finding headstones with my surname on them. I still did not think I was connected in any way. The war ended and I went to New York City where I began my career as an illustrator. In the late 1960's I received a letter from George Williams asking for information about my immediate family members to be used in a genealogy he was writing about the Bolles family of Nottingham, England and New London, Connecticut. Since he lived a short distance away I called him and he agreed to see Norma and me which we did, and that is where the story really began. When the genealogy was published in 1970 I became completely absorbed in our family's history both in the U.S.A. and England. After thoroughly exploring our Connecticut roots, I decided to go to England and explore the sites listed in George's book. There, Norma and I met a wonderful man, John Holland, and became fast friends of the Holland family. John helped me locate most of the Lincolnshire sites which included the famous Jacobean Arch in the tiny village of Scampton, Lincolnshire. After a number of visits I could see that the Arch was suffering severe damage, mostly caused by high winds. I informed the owner of the property where the Arch stands, that I was concerned that the Arch might collapse if repairs were not done soon and to contact me if he wanted my help to raise funds to save it. About a year later he contacted me and said that a local archaeological organization wanted to save the Arch. I contacted George and asked for the names and addresses of those who had purchased his genealogy, He was happy to help me with his list. I then sent out over 300 letters to those people who didn't know me from Adam, asking for their help. The response was immediate and I was able to send over within a few months, $1,600 which was the seed money needed to raise funds in England. It took three years to complete the full restoration of the Arch at a final cost of about $15,000. The British said without the American interest and initial funds, the project would not have proceeded. With the success of the Arch restoration assured, I wrote to all persons who contributed and suggested a family reunion in New London Connecticut to commemorate our successful efforts to save part of our family's heritage in England. The first national reunion of the Bolles family members took place in 1977 at Poor Richards Restaurant, New London, Connecticut. At that time the Bolles Family Association was organized and Joseph Bolles of Tulsa Oklahoma was elected as our first president, The rest is History!